Kyte Broking Limited History 

In 1994, Kyte Broking Limited (“KBL”) was established as an independent Non-Clearing Member (NCM) of LIFFE, providing niche execution services in UK and European fixed income futures and options. With the demise of open-outcry dealing at LIFFE in 2000, KBL adapted to computerised trading and migrated most of its staff from floor to screen. KBL became a participant on a number of European and US exchanges in order to offer extensive execution services to its client base of banks, financial institutions, hedge funds and market making groups.


By 2005, KBL supported more than 50 brokers executing Exchange Traded Derivatives (“ETDs”) for a client base of over 200 Institutional clients.  In 2010 KBL was acquired by GFI Group as part of the whole Kyte Group acquisition.

 In May 2015, the  Management Team acquired KBL from GFI Group.

During this time, KBL has developed from a business focused solely in ETDs to one offering agency brokerage services in a broad range of cash and derivative financial products (including both Listed and OTC) across a range of asset classes including Equities, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Commodities and other products.


In 2018, KBL received approval from the FCA to operate an Organised Trading Facility (OTF), a MiFID II Trading Venue, allowing KBL to offer its clients continuity of coverage across all asset classes, products and markets.


Today, KBL supports more than 120 brokers executing on behalf of a client base of over 600 institutional clients and enjoy continued growth and product expansion.